Repurposing laptops to help students achieve more

34% of disengaged students in Victoria attribute their disengagement to barriers resulting from financial distress. By collaborating with us, you can play a pivotal role in levelling the educational playing field, reducing electronic waste, and bolstering your reputation as an active participant in our initiative.
  • "Computers are an absolute necessity, and this initiative is a game changer for the students lucky enough to be the recipient of a laptop."
    - Secondary School Principal
  • "... can’t thank you enough – it has and will make a big difference in these students lives."
    - Secondary School Teacher
  • "Our two students who came along on Friday, are shy, but were so happy with what they’ve received, they were chatting so much on the way home about it and you couldn’t take the smile off their faces."
    - Secondary School Teacher
Students holding their new laptops donated by This is IT! Schools

How did our journey begin?

Founded by organisations making a difference

Students collecting their new laptops

We're proud of our numbers...

Our goal is to provide every disadvantaged student in Victoria with a laptop so they can reach their full potential. Here's how we've done so far.


Laptops repurposed and delivered to students in need


Partnered organisations donating to our worthy cause


Victorian secondary schools supported in our network

...and we're proud of our students

Hear from the students themselves, and how how laptop scholarship initiative has made a difference in their lives. We read these every day.
School student
"I feel so happy that I have a laptop like my friends, and it has changed my life. Now I can learn new things for myself and it helps me to do my work in class."
School student
"This laptop is going to be really helpful for me for my studies as I am in year 11 where you need your laptop every day and, in every class, and also at home. I was not able to submit my homework online and on the due date, the laptop is going to make it easier for me to submit my homework."
School student
"I am writing this thank you letter to say it was an honor to receive a brand-new laptop, it has helped me tremendously in my learning because now for first time I can continue my work at home and complete multiple homework tasks in time for class."
School student
"I will make sure to use it in the right way. I am really happy that you felt that I deserve this laptop for my studying, thank you so much sir. I really don’t have any words to describe how much I am thankful of you."

Motivated to help our cause?

Your business can make a massive difference for secondary school students.
Students collecting their new laptops