Our Process

Businesses that ‘do the right thing’ are rewarded with enhanced consumer sentiment and connection to consumers who actively engage with businesses that are held in high regard - voting with both voice and wallet. Many businesses struggle to find ways in which they can more effectively contribute directly to their local communities.

This is IT Schools (TIIS) Laptop Scholarship program is an ideal vehicle for your organisation - a not-for-profit initiative started by three Dandenong Business owners. 

How we work

Step 1
Submit your pledge to TIIS and begin your journey in giving back to the community.
Step 2
Collect and restore your laptops to ensure they do not contain sensitive information.
Step 3
We will help you send laptops to our office, or we can help organise pick-up.
Step 4
We handle the rest and ensure your laptops are ready for secondary school students.

Where you fit in

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies are common in schools, necessitating students to bring their own laptops for learning. Astonishingly, 10% to 15% of students lack personal laptops, despite their essential role in accessing education. Translating to approximately
4,000 to 6,000 secondary students in the south east of Melbourne without access to their own device. Ensuring equitable access to technology is crucial for fostering an inclusive and effective learning environment.

​Why Laptops are an essential learning tool:

  • Many textbooks are only available in software copies,
  • Some curriculum areas are only accessible by computer,
  • More learning tasks are now completed outside of school hours - requiring online access.

​Within the region:

  • Schools have laptops for students to borrow, but not enough to meet the current demands,
  • Students often cannot take the computers home to complete work,
  • Students are often not allowed to save their work on borrowed laptops, as they may be assigned a different computer the following day.

Motivated to help our cause?

Your business can make a massive difference for secondary school students.
Students collecting their new laptops