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Our network of supported schools receive laptops reset, cleaned and ready for work from our charity. The testimonials, feedback and conversations we have from the students impacted by these laptop donations keep us motivated to continue making a difference. We've collected some comments from students and teachers we'd love to share with you.
Through its networks and connections to schools, the South East LLEN has played a pivotal role as the delivery partner for This Is ‘IT’. SELLEN hosts Structured Workplace Learning students, undertaking a Certificate II in IT, to undertake the process of tracking, wiping, updating, and resetting laptops.

SELLEN engages with schools and in the identification of suitable students who would benefit greatly through receiving a laptop via This Is ‘IT’. SELLEN liaises with the schools, making contact and identifying the level of need; schools then manage the distribution of laptops to their students.

Supporting schools in the south east

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Students collecting their new laptops